Who are we

new_logo_AID_rvb                                    AID – For “Actions Intégrées de Développement” (Integrated Development Actions) is a federation regrouping initiatives of social or professional insertion which are articulated around training and/or employment.

The training centers of the network aim to respond to the situations of inequality, trough concrete projects, developed with and at the destination of people in social, economic, political or cultural exclusion. The actions are carried out through training and employment action, but also working with the persons toward their individual and collective emancipation as active citizens.

AID acts as a common tool for the 32 training centers, and developed expertise in the fields of Lifelong Learning tools, European project management and pathways and training designing, among others.

Website: www.aid-com.be

Contact: info@aid-com.be


INFREP_logo       INFREP – “National institute for training and research on continuing education” – was founded in 1982 and takes part of the “Ligue Française de l’Enseignement et de l’Education Permanente” (French League of Training and Permanent Education). INFREP employs around 250 permanent workers and 150 consultants, and is actually working in 30 regional centers all over France. Altogether these regional centers work with more than 12 000 trainees each year, they have their specific training fields and provide services in professional and social insertion, vocational training for long term unemployed young and adults (social and sanitary field, hostelry, selling, etc.) and training for firms’ employees. Through its participation to European programs, INFREP has been able to develop its expertise in e-learning.

Contact: flucidi@laligue.org

Logo_Arci    ARCI is a civic and independent association that promotes active citizenship at local level through leisure, training and cultural activities, social action and international solidarity. With its 5,800 clubs and more than 1,200,000 members, it represents a broad structure for democratic participation, practicing and promoting self-organization of citizens and setting up social intervention actions aimed at defending the rights of the weakest (prisoners, minors, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, Roma, drug addicts, persons affected by physical or mental disorders). Many of ARCI’s local committees and clubs, especially in Tuscany within the PAAS network (www.old.e.toscana.it/paas/index.shtml), promote digital literacy and the use of ICTs.


Contact: martin.rance@arci.it

logo_fundacion_esplai_vertical            Fundación Esplai is a non-profit national, internationally renowned, particularly in Europe and Latin America, whose mission is to educate children and youth, strengthening the leisure organizations and the third sector, improving the environment and promoting social inclusion and citizenship through ICT in order to reduce social exclusion and the digital divide.

With more than 30 years’ experience, Esplai Foundation brings people and organizations together, running projects and collaborating with local organizations. Red Conecta (2002) and Conecta Joven (2005) are the main national projects of Fundación Esplai which are in charge of developing digital literacy training, helping participants to gain e-skills, improve their ability to join the labor market, transform society and improve social inclusion.

In a state-wide project, with common objectives, Fundación Esplai sum forces and join efforts coming from different nationalities and regions, intending to create synergies and creative responses to new social and educational challenges. Fundación Esplai promotes programs of e-Inclusion at European level since 2009 designing, implementing and driving over all this time, more than 9 European projects with partners from all over Europe. These experiences are creating the situations, knowledge and methodology that fosters mutual enrichment of projects, partners, users, and methodologies.


Contact: Alba Agulló – aagullo@fundacionesplai.org

logo                     ACDC RomaniaAsociaţia Consultanţilor în Dezvoltare Comunitară is a professional association, with cover at the national and international level and certified expertise in community development through the 33 founder members. The mission of the association is to promote community development through consulting activities in the field of key domains for sustainable development.

The objectives of the association aim at solving the problems that concern the community and the development of human resources through the elaboration, organization, implementation and funding of specific programs, strategies for associative structures, individuals, legal persons of public and private law.


Contact: acdcassociation@gmail.com