Third meeting of the project, 17-19 June 2015 in Bucharest, Romania

The third meeting of the project took place in Bucharest (Romania) and it was hosted by ACDC. The topics discussed during the meeting included: project planned intellectual outputs, the dissemination and communication plan of the project and the validation of the intellectual output 1 (IO1) – profile and competences of the e-Facilitator, which can be consulted in the deliveries section of this website. This output resulted after several activities carried aut by the partners during September 2014-June 2015:

  • Collect data on the profiles of leaders conducted by each of the project partners (Spain: FundaciĆ³n Esplai, France: INFREP, Italy: ARCI, Romania: ACDC, Belgium: AID)
  • E-facilitator Profile Analysis based on reading resources from previous projects published on national sites.
  • Research, sharing and discussion of e-facilitator profile developed by the project including references from institutions, similar projects in partner countries, such as: ICQP (Catalan Institute of Professional Qualifications), resources from VET4e-I-I projects and RAISE4e and NetPublic in France, Technofutur Competence Center in Belgium
  • Reading the information and resources provided by AID appropriated to ECVET instruments
  • Research and adaptation of the key activities, tasks and competences, knowledge, skills and abilities related to the e-facilitator.
  • Development of the summary tableof CommonsKeyActivities
  • Active participation on the comparison of the profile of e-facilitator of different partner countries.
  • Active participation in the creation and discussion of the common profile of e-facilitator.

During this meeting the management team started the preparation of the first interim report and next steps in implementing project activities.