Fourth meeting of the project, 2-3 December 2015 in Barcelona, Spain

The fourth meeting of the project took place in Barcelona (Spain) and was hosted by Fundación Esplai. The topics discussed during the meeting included in principal the validation and further development of the intellectual output 2 (IO2) – “Structuring educational curriculum for e-facilitators”, which resulted after several activities carried out by the partners during June – December 2015:

  • Research andcompilation ofskills andknowledgeidentified in the previous work phase
  • Research workdeveloped byeach partner regarding countrylevels of responsibilityandautonomy
  • Organization ofKey Activitiesdefined in e-facilitator profile (IO1 to be find in the deliveries section)in atraining profile using the form ofUnits ofAcquiredLearning (UAA)(Learning outcomes as called forbythe recommendations of theECVET)
  • ProposedTraining Program resulted fromthe Belgian experience (AID), toenablethe workingphase / intellectual output 3 (IO3)”Creation and development of specific modulesfor onlinetraininge-animator”
  • INFREP design of a first draft of methodological guide for designing e-learning modules for e-facilitators

During this meeting the management team discussed the evaluation grill of Belgian Agency on the Interim Report, which obtained excellent qualifications for the majority evaluation criteria set for the project implementation quality analysis, and also the next steps to be taken.