Hereunder there are displayed the final products of the ECVET4E-Inclusion project:

  • The e-facilitator professional profile

This profile identify, among the countries represented in the partnership, the skills, knowledge and levels of responsibility and autonomy that must master an e-facilitator.

This profile identify the Units of Learning Outcomes who organized the skills, knowledge and competences in a pedagogical way to help the vocational training and education center to make their training program and create modules to reach the aims of the Units.


  • The training modules
  • The training plan

Syllabus Eng.

Syllabus Fr.

Syllabus It.

Syllabus Ro.

Syllabus Sp.

The e-Modules have the aim to allow e-facilitators to learn or enlarge their knowledge of those  skills and knowledge pointed into the e-facilitator professional profile.

The e-modules will be developed into the EU ECVET recommendation to enable the recognition of e-skills both national and transnational level when a Memorandum of Understanding is made between VET operators.

  • The e-Modules are available on the website below:

E-Modules in French

E-Modules in Spanish

E-Modules in Italian

E-Modules in Romanian

  • Methodological guidelines

A methodological guidelines has been created   to help   trainers to develop the e-modules.

Guide ECVET 4e-inclusion

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